UNISON has self organisation for

                  Black Members

                  Disabled Members

                  Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT)



Self-organised groups (SOGs) work in partnership with other parts of the branch and union to identify and promote our equality agenda.

Why have Self Organisation in Suffolk County?


         It is a way for our members to come together, talk about issues of concern, share experiences and support each other.


·         It is a way for members to get involved in the union, developing skills, expertise and confidence.


·         It helps the union identify and challenge discrimination and build equality.

·         It is an alternative pathway into trade union activism through identity politics.

·         Because prejudice and discrimination are deep-rooted in our society, self defining SOG members have traditionally been less visible in trade unions and under-represented in our democratic structures.

In our branch we very much want to set up self organised groups

Each Self Organised Group has its own national conference every year.  Members who attend these conferences find them inspirational; they learn about societal, political, discrimination and workplace issues.  Members participate, share experiences, network and come back to their branches enthused, with lots of new information to share with other members.

If you want to learn more about equalities issues, the work that UNISON is doing, the campaigns we are involved in please see: