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UNISON Suffolk County Branch has relocated

The UNISON Office has now relocated to Suffolk County Council headquarters in Endeavour House Ipswich, on Russell Road. We are open for business to members. If you need to drop by please come to reception in Endeavour House and ask for the UNISON office, we look forward to seeing you.



UNISON represents full-time and part-time staff who provide public services, although they may be employed in both the public and private sectors. We are the UK's largest public service union, with over 1.3 million members. If you need help now and you're a current member please contact us.


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Suffolk County Branch of UNISON provides support to members working for Suffolk County Council (including apprentices), The Food Standards Agency (FSA), Suffolk schools and academies, higher and further education (including University of Suffolk and other colleges), Vertas Ltd, Concertus, Care UK, Suffolk Libraries, Realise Futures, Leading Lives, Kier, private care homes and voluntary and community sector organisations in Suffolk.

We are the ONLY recognised Trades Union for Single Status employees in schools in Suffolk.

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 STAND UP FOR SOCIAL CARE- Demonstration 19th May 2022

Please show your support and come along and join us. ( please note change of time)

Free coffee available !!!



Please sign our petition to show your support for the following for Social Care Workers

  • At least the Foundation Living Wage (currently £9.90 an hour),
  • Covid-related sick pay (including while isolating),
  • Occupational sick pay,
  • Quality training and career pathways.




So proud of @suffolkunison hosting tonight’s online event #YouCareWeCare. To hear first hand experiences of front line carers Ewan, Jacque and Amanda who were amazing. Especial thanks to @cmcanea our general secretary for her input and support for our campaign. To Kezia Pugh @livingwageuk and Sandy Martin @sandyofipswich for their great contribution to the discussion. To @UNISONEastern for support during this campaign as we are all one @unisontheunion #livingwage. Thanks Neil Bland Unison Suffolk Branch Secretary. #solidarity








NJC Pay Claim 2022

UNISON’s NJC Committee met on the 19th April to consider the results of the consultation of members and on the headline claim for the 2022 NJC pay claim for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The outcome of the vote is for the headline pay claim of “a flat rate of £2000 “this was a very clear outcome, and the NJC Committee therefore agreed that UNISON’s policy is for a headline pay claim of £2000 on each pay point.
This will now be taken forward into talks with the other two NJC trade unions, GMB and Unite, in early May, for agreement. In the meantime, work will continue on drafting the detailed content of the pay claim.
The Committee agreed strongly that the priority must be to get the next pay claim in as soon as possible, so that negotiations can begin. The pay claim and associated campaign need to build on the messaging of recent years, emphasising the crucial work our members have done throughout the pandemic, but with 2 a particular focus on the huge cost of living crisis now engulfing local government workers – with the cost of day to day essentials like petrol, heating and food increasing rapidly.
Further updates will follow


NJC Pay Campaign 2021/22 - Latest update    

enough is enough
Please see below the latest information regarding the NJC Pay Campaign 2021/22


NJC pay for 2021 for England, Wales and Northern Ireland has now been settled.

The final pay offer of 1.75% (2.75% for those on the bottom pay point) from 1 April 2021 should now be implemented by all employers. The joint circular also asks employers to pay all backpay, and it shows the full range of NJC pay rates applicable from 1 April 2021.

National Joint Council for Local Government Services (unison.org.uk)

Following Unite’s industrial action ballots closing, they may still take action in some areas, but they have not yet confirmed where or when. However, UNISON’s NJC Committee decided at its meeting on 22 February that once Unite’s ballots had closed, and Unite’s committee had met, UNISON should move to settle 2021 pay. GMB had previously indicated its desire to settle.

As a result the joint circular has been signed by two of the three unions, representing a majority of the NJC trade union side with all backpay paid. The priority must now be to agree the pay claim for 2022 and launch a pay campaign, highlighting the cost of living crisis and the need for a decent pay increase for all local government workers.

The NJC Committee has now met to receive feedback from regional representatives on the 2021 campaign and what the 2022 pay claim should look like.



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