Good News - Staff Car Parking at Suffolk County Council

Published on December 12, 2019

If you have ever used your car to travel work, failed to find a car parking space at one Suffolk County Council’s office buildings, and had to pay a higher price to park elsewhere, you'll know how frustrating that is!

UNISON approached Suffolk County Council in January 2019 when a member brought to our attention a change to Car Parking Charges at Endeavour House.  

After UNISON investigated we discovered that in 2017 the Council, without consulting the unions, stopped allowing staff to claim for car parking costs above £3.00 if a staff car park was full. This was done in order to promote sustainable means of travel but not all the relevant departments had been involved in the decision making.

We addressed our concerns with senior leadership within the council. UNISON was particularly concerned this decision would negatively impact on parents who drop their children at school by car.

As a direct result of UNISON raising this issue the Council’s Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) agreed to change its policy and allow staff to claim (through iTrent) the difference between the price you would have paid to park in a Suffolk County Council car park and the price you paid to park elsewhere. This has been the case now since October and staff affected by this should have been reimbursed.

Meanwhile Suffolk County Council is keen to promote and support staff to travel to work by more sustainable means.

More information on all these options are available on MySCC. (Suffolk County Council Intranet).

The council provides discounts on rail and bus travel, free Park and Ride in Ipswich and salary sacrifice schemes for bikes and more information is available on the Council’s Ask HR (Suffolk County Council Intranet).

This is one example of UNISON’s work to benefit our members and make sure polices do not impact on particular groups of staff. Encourage your colleagues to Join UNISON, together we are stronger.