Government attack on LGPS for further education workers

Published on June 27, 2019

Have you say on this national scandal: Government attack on your Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)

At UNISON national delegates conference last week debated the current government consultation to attack your pension scheme. This is a move to reduce employees enrolled in the overall scheme, and to undermine the pension bit by bit by allowing certain employers / sectors to opt out of providing it to staff.

As the government continues reducing funding to the public sector, it’s UNISON’s view that allowing various sectors within public service to opt out of LGPS is clearly a long term cost saving measure along with the outsourcing and privatisation agenda. The LGPS is one of the decent benefits of working in public service, with wages having stagnated during the decade of austerity there is not all that much to recommend it as a lucrative career to younger people and new entrants.

Here is the consultation online UNISON ask all its members to respond personally, the deadline is 11:45pm on 31 July 2019:

UNISON suggests the following information and use by members when considering their response to the consultation:

  • Members should object in the strongest terms to the proposal that educational institutions in England can opt out of offering the LGPS pension to their staff.
  • They should particularly take no notice of charges that the LGPS is an ‘expensive’ scheme for the employers.
  • The LGPS is not expensive, it offers members a fair pension for the service they give to the employer. Almost all of the other pension schemes are cheap. The reason they are cheap is because the benefits they will offer are much, much smaller.
  • Employers, who bear a share of the costs of the scheme, will always argue that they should be spending less money – but they are simply avoiding their responsibilities to the people they employ.
  • It is a national scandal that this is happening, and the effects will not become apparent for a very long time. f the employers are offering very small pensions, the State – i.e. the taxpayer, as usual – will be left to support millions of impoverished pensioners in the decades to come.

Here is the article about it published by UNISON:

UNISON advises all members remain vigilant of these attacks to the LGPS, UNISON believes that it will be the thin edge of the wedge if this change gets through.