Sign the Petition- Suffolk Children’s Centres under threat of closure

Published on September 24, 2019 by

Sign the Petition: Suffolk Children’s Centres under threat of closure

A public consultation is due to start this Autumn on plans to reduce children’s centre services. Of the 38 children’s centres, 16 full time family hubs will remain open; 10 would be repurposed for school space or to provide childcare places, one would become a special educational needs assessment centre; and 9 would offer reduced services on a part time basis, and 2 will close completely.

As a general principal, UNISON Suffolk County would not want to see any children’s centres close as they should be available to all families in the community under current legislation and should be adequately funded by government, and inspected by Ofsted.

UNISON Branch Secretary, Neil Bland, said, “UNISON is committed to fighting the closure and reduction of Sure Start children’s centres. The mantra that these services are to be reshaped to support the most vulnerable people may sound impressive. In reality, reducing preventative and universal services increases costs later on because problems are not identified and dealt with effectively in a child’s early years. I urge all members to stand with us to fight these cuts, which impact on families with babies and young children.”

Although the council told us to expect a consultation in September, it has recently stated there is no firm date for the consultation to start. This means further uncertainty and for staff and families.

The Labour Party has started a Petition against the closures, which we encourage all UNISON members to sign:

You can also help UNISON by making your voice heard at:

We will use your feedback to help plan UNISON’s campaigning activity.

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