Representatives and Contacts 2021

Our branch represents many UNISON members working for a number of different organisations in Suffolk.

We encourage your representatives to develop theirs skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle workplace issues with members and understand where and when to seek advice and guidance.

Many representatives have completed a certified training course and are competent to accompany members at disciplinary and grievance hearings in order to comply with the Employment Relations Act (ERA)         

   STEWARDS 2021


Anita Abram                SCC,EY, Endeavour House                           Steward

Neil Bland                    SCC, ACS, West Suffolk                               Steward

Felicity Larter              SCC, ACS, Saxmundham                             Steward

Pauline Bacon             SCC, ACS, Landmark House                       Steward

Sue Nixon                    SCC, CYP, Endeavour House                      Steward

Tracey Mason              SCC, CYP, Felixstowe Being                        Steward

Claire Lewis                  SCC, Redwood Lodge                                 Steward

Phil Tregear                 SCC-N.S.F.T, Carlton Hospital                      Steward

Garry Perkins               SCC, Endeavour House                               Steward

Justin Nichol                  SCC, CYP, Uplands                                      Steward

Robbie Barrett             SCC, Endeavour House                                Steward

 Jusie Rublico              SCC, ACS, Home First                                  Steward

Angie Deacon              Vertas, Grt Barton School                            Steward

Tim Johns                   Vertas, Gipping Court                                    Steward

Colin Freeman             Vertas, Passenger Transport                        Steward

Sam King                     Vertas, Phoenix House                                 Steward

Dave Evans                Kier MG                                                          Steward

Brenda Grimwood      Orwell Housing, Idaway                                 Steward

Tracey Williamson      Ormiston Denes Academy                             Steward

Carla Moore                St Benedicts Catholic School                         Steward

Tracey Holder             King Edward Upper School                            Steward

Karen McGoochan     SENDAT, Priory Academy                              Steward

Debbie Kwakkelstein   Thomas Gainsborough High School             Steward

Chris Rogers               Newmarket Academy                                    Steward

Gwenda Palmer          University of Suffolk                                       Steward

Saber El-Shunnar       East Coast College                                         Steward

Ashton Harewood       Suffolk One                                                    Steward

Polly Smith                  Choices Healthcare                                        Steward

Tracy Grant                 Citizens Advice Bureau                                  Steward

Alan Colson                FSA                                                                 Steward

ChrisTozer                  FSA                                                                 Steward

Stephen Mimms         FSA                                                                 Steward



Neil Bland                  SCC, ACS, WSH                                           H&S Rep

Dave Evans               Kier MG                                                          H&S Rep

Mark Gillingham         Suffolk New College                                       H&S Rep

Saber- El-Shunnar      East Coast College                                         H&S Rep

Adam Thorpe              Westbourne Academy                                    H&S Rep

Lawrence Woolston    University of Suffolk                                       H&S Rep

Michael Massey          Vertas, Grounds Beccles                              H&S Rep

Colin Freeman            Vertas, Passenger Transport                         H&S Rep

Christopher Tozer       FSA                                                                 H&S Rep

    CONTACTS 2021


Steve Warner              SCC                                                             Pensions Contact

 Simon Gooding           SCC, Landmark House                                 Contact

Christine Catchpole    Sir John Leman Academy                             Contact

Michelle Lewis            Bridge Campus School                                  Contact

Sally Brown                 Glemsford Primary                                         Contact

Sally Read                  Clifford Primary                                              Contact

Mandy Riser               Lakenheath Primary School                           Contact

Karen Brown               Leading Lives, Stowmarket Hub                    Contact 

Sharon Harris              Red Oak Primary School                               Contact