Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council represents one of the large employers with UNISON members. UNISON works closely with the employer on change management, terms and conditions, pay awards, collective bargaining and everything that affects you at work.

UNISON understands the impact on our members placed by this government and its brutal cuts to public sector since the financial crash. Public sector employees may experience the stress of restructures at regular intervals (sometimes less than every two years). Has your post been deleted, and then you applied for a similar job to your current post only to find fewer roles available to you at lower pay grades?

On top of the constant changes (to fit within the employer's reducing financial envelop), many UNISON members have seen their wages stagnate, whilst their workloads increase as staff teams shrink.

Suffolk County Council has managed its finances more effectively than other councils, for example Northamptonshire, which is now had under government control with an identify £40 million of cuts in public services to come. Meanwhile the government's planned cuts to public services continues unabated. We still don't know the full impact of the fall out of the failed privatisation agenda of public sector suppliers like Carillion on our public services.

We know the majority of people go into public service motivated to help the citizens of Suffolk. If you're tired of feeling like a pawn in the game please consider becoming more active in UNISON.

Workplace representatives get paid time off to carry out their role if they work for Suffolk County Council.

So empower yourself and become active in your workplace and support your colleagues as a UNISON case worker.

Please contact your local representative or contact to find out more.