Retired Members


Not everything has to grind to a halt when you retire from work. If you’ve been a UNISON member for at least two years immediately prior to your retirement, are receiving a pension and are not in other paid employment, you are eligible to become a retired member.

The only cost is a single payment of £15.00, which gives you retired membership for life. All you need to do is send a cheque for £15.00, together with your name, address and membership number, to the Branch Office. There’s no particular time limit after your retirement.

Retired membership gives you access to help from the Welfare Fund should you need it, keeps you in for the good deals from our affiliates like UIA insurance and LV insurance, and also there is a programme of monthly meetings, with interesting speakers, and trips and outings to all sorts of places, at moderate cost.

Retired Member's Branch Secretary introduction

Just to introduce myself as the retired members rep.
My name is Frances Desborough and I can be contacted via email at:
I look forward to sharing ideas and information with our retired members and anyone who might be retiring in the near future.